So much of this generation looks for their identity and purpose to be defined on the World Wide Web; however, GenNow redirects our youth to find their identity in the Word, Worship, and Walk of Jesus Christ. On top of exciting events and excellent teachings, we are seeking to challenge our youth to apply what they are learning into their personal daily walk with the Lord. GenNow intentionally involves the youth and seeks out their participation in all aspects of ministry, using the gifts the Lord has given them – their engagement is designed to create a sense of purpose and identity, allowing them to give as well as receive.

Our Mission

We are GenNow. We seek to develop our giftings, to be equipped to successfully walk in a personal relationship with Christ, to be part of the life of our local church, and to become spiritually mature. We know who we are in Him, will walk with Him, and will serve through Him.

More About GenNow

We constantly share the importance of developing a personal relationship with God by reading the Word. The youth will continue to be challenged to journal and memorize scripture, and they will be rewarded for their efforts. Along with this, the youth ministry will develop and teach an annual curriculum that will incorporate the 12 Essentials of Pastoral Ministry at The Father’s House. They are as follows:

  1. Ability to communicate and defend the Gospel
  2. Develop a habit of prayer
  3. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  4. A consistent Bible reading habit
  5. A habit of consistent fellowship
  6. A habit of serving in the Church
  7. Understanding respect for Spiritual and Civil authority
  8. Biblical and consistent giving
  9. A Biblical understanding of their sexuality
  10. Understanding the baptism of water and the Holy Spirit
  11. Understanding Godly relationships
  12. A biblical understanding of the Trinity

Recommended Materials

We are promoting Life Journaling as a foundational start to spiritual growth and maturity for our youth. We reward students for this weekly and have Life Journals at our Resource Center and our offices.


Service Schedule

Sunday Morning

10 AM Service (Gather at the GenNow room)

Wednesday Night

6:30 PM Service (Gather at the GenNow room)