At-Home Lessons

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At Home Children’s Ministry Bible Lessons

We’re continuing to follow the FaithWeaver Scope & Sequence but we’ve added lesson components conducive to at-home study.  A link to the lesson will be provided below.  The lessons contain worship links, animated bible story links, memory verses, life application story links, bonus activities, and age-appropriate discussion suggestions.  New lessons will post weekly and prior lessons will remain available for a 4 week period. The children’s lesson will be posted to The Father’s House Facebook page as well as the Children’s Ministry Facebook page.




At Home Youth Ministry Bible Lessons

For our Youth, we’re utilizing a YM360 program called ‘Youth Group at Home’. Each topic is a 4 week series. The current series’ title is “Who Am I?” There is a question that if you’re a human being, you’ve no doubt asked before: “Who am I”? How we answer this question profoundly impacts our lives. Do we answer based on our relationships, achievements, or even what we lack? Do we look to the world to answer it for us? The truth is if we want a TRUE answer to the question, “Who am I,” there is only one source that can provide it: God.  The newest video is at the top. We will keep the videos available for 4 weeks at a time.