Our Mission

Our desire is to see that each child who walks through our doors has a safe and fun experience as they learn about and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope that they enjoy children’s church so much that as they grow into adulthood, the very sight of a church will bring back fond memories of their time spent in the Father’s House.

Kingdom Kid’s – Class Structure

We provide a safe, peaceful environment for our babies, newborn to 1 year. We have toys, rockers, music, and lots of love for our little ones!

Our toddlers are from age 1 and walking to potty trained. Our tots class provides an opportunity for our little ones to worship, play, and enjoy snacks and storytime. They’re introduced to elementary bible stories and given lots and lots of hugs!

Pre-K & Kindergarten
Our Pre K & K children are 3(potty trained) to 5/6 years old(Kindergarten). Their classes are combined. This Kingdom Kids class is geared for children who like activity and are ready to not only enjoy Bible stories but have the capacity for biblical principles in a fun and meaningful way. The children also enjoy playtime and snacks. The students have take-home pages to review what they’ve learned in class.

1st & 2nd
Our students enjoy a working environment of Bible study, crafts, snacks, and worship. Their curriculum is designed to instruct and prepare them for bringing out their faith and applying biblical principles to daily living.

3rd/4th & 5th/6th
The classes are geared to give the children a firm biblical foundation through Bible study, praise and worship, and arts and crafts, as well as preparing them for their early teen years. We strive to impart biblical principles and truths that will sustain them through their middle school and high school years. The 3rd/4th graders have a separate time of instruction from the 5th/6th graders.

Check-In System

We have a Fellowship One automated check-in system that is used on Sundays. Parents are asked to bring their children to the desk at the entrance of the Youth/Children’s area. Signs will be available to assist with directions. At the check-in kiosk, children will be assigned a number and given a name tag to be attached to their clothing. Each parent will receive their child’s number on a small card to keep and use for the identification of their child at check-out. From the check-in kiosk, parents are to take their child to the appropriate classroom and at the end of service, check-out their children from the classroom. It’s very important to notify the staff at the check-in kiosk and the teachers in the classroom of any allergies your child may have.

For Wednesday night service, parents are asked to drop off their children at their appropriate classrooms. In the classroom, a teacher or a teacher assistant will check-in your child, have you sign a sign-in sheet, and provide you and your child(ren) with matching wrist tags. At the end of service, parents are to bring the tag back to check-out their child and sign out their child on the sign sheet.

According to the policy of Foursquare Church and The Father’s House, siblings under the age of 16 are not allowed to pick-up a child from their class, even if they have proper identification. Only those who are 16 years of age or older are allowed to pick up children.

Note: The background-checked and trained staff at The Father’s House take the safety of each child entrusted to our care very seriously; please ask a children’s ministry worker to explain our check-in/check-out procedure to you when you come if needed.

Curriculum and Volunteers

FaithWeaver Sunday school curriculum weaves together a family’s journey in faith by teaching the same biblical truths across all age levels. This way, families can apply those truths together in their daily lives, growing individually in their own personal faith and as a family unit. Everyone – from toddlers to 6th graders – studies the same Bible Point in an age-appropriate way. FaithWeaver lessons provide memorable Bible-learning plus interactive teaching tools to engage and captivate students. Lessons are designed to encourage faith development beyond Sunday so faith grows all week long.

We also provide Children’s Ministry on Wednesday nights using the FaithWeaver Curriculum. The nursery, toddlers, and Pre-K classes are combined. The 1st through 5th-grade classes are combined with age-appropriate breakout group sessions’ for lesson review.

Those seeking to be a part of the Children’s Ministry servant team need to first fill out a background check at the church office. The CM team meets every 4th Tuesday of each month except during the months of August and December.

Recommended Materials

The Father’s House Children’s Ministry Monthly Magazine is available at the Resource Center during Sunday service.